Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 2014, Dubai UAE

I spent 3 days meeting Yatie and Alang's family. Thank you so much for letting me stay at your place. I enjoyed every moment I was there. Especially the food. No Arab cuisine for 3 days. Fuuuhh :) 3 days definitely not enough to visit all but for that time being, its enough for me. Will come again soon, visit other places, in shaa ALLAH :)

On the way to safari with the amazing kids :)

Japanese :)

Crazy rides

Camel's riding at the safari 

Desert sunset 

In front of the Atlantis

Inside Global Village

Omg! This is like crazy delicious. Its a must to try this if you go to global village.

Outside Global Village 

31st May 2014. To Makkah

Alhamdulillah, after 3 and half years working in Gleneagles Hospital I got the opportunity to work abroad. I choose middle east for some reasons. Praise to god again and again I got to perform umrah and prayers several times now in Al- Haram.

In the First day of Eid, I went to visit Madinah. Its a beautiful experienced, already missing this place. Looking forward for next visit or maybe go and work here :).


Japan 2013

This journey considered the first time I traveled far from home. Everything was arrange by Faiz Adi, Ahlami's husband. So, when I landed safely at the Tokyo airport, there was a free shuttle bus which would bring me to the Tokyo inn hotel. The next morning after breakfast, I started going to the train station by bus. To go to Yonezawa, I need to take bullet train and the journey take about 2 hours to north. 

View from the bus to Omiya Station

Outside Omiya Station.

Waiting for Bullet train 

The bullet has arrived 

I reached Yonezawa, but the train's door closed so fast that I missed it so, I jump to the next station. Beautiful place. Takahata. And kind people assisting me to get back to a station before. 

We went out for dinner at Marumatsu. So freaking delicious. I enjoyed every meals I had. The best thing that I love about Restaurant here in Japan, they have this hot drinks bar. Seriously, tea, coffee I can go and add on. I love it :)

The next morning we went fruits picking at Kominoyama fruits farm. Lots of grapes! I went crazy. 

Then we went to Mount Zao. Subhanallah. Breathtaking view. 

The next day we went to Mount Fuji. On the way there we stop for lunch and prayer to this beautiful place.

At Fuji, I experienced the best thing in life. Safari. Its like in pride rock when I saw lions so close, and giraffe and elephants and oh dear god, so many other animals! So awesome!

Looking forward to come here again. :) All these in RM2k